BERGER Házak Zrt. manufactures and builds energy-saving, quickly completed, environment-friendly residential houses in high quality for its private and public customers. The entire process is handled by our colleagues in accordance with the customer’s expectations, with a guaranteed deadline and commitment price when signing the contract. Our staff will assist you, you can count on us throughout the entire process!


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1. Sales: sketch design, price offer, site visit, pre-contract

BERGER Házak Zrt. is a trademark member of the individual needswith unique, automated prefabricated house technology on the domestic market. Our client first discusses their ideas with our sales staff representative, taking into account the characteristics of the plot they own. A sketch design will be prepared that takes into account the client’s ideas, site specifications, the imaginary mass of the building, its structural levels, floor plan distribution and number of rooms. After the acceptance of our price offer prepared on the basis of the approved sketch design, the order documentation will be accepted by the engineering team of BERGER Házak Zrt.

After signing the order, we appoint a construction project manager who will take over the management of customer relationships from the salesperson. Then, in our engineering department, we perform the data control of the order: we check the data of the plot and the customer, as well as other conditions. The technical and architectural control of the sketch design is followed by the control of the price offer so that each priced item exactly meets the customer’s expectations. The order is then accepted, creating a pre-contract.

Based on the available information, preliminary construction, HVAC and electrical design will begin. During the site visit, we perform a preliminary specification of requirements and check the plot properties. We discuss the process and time of preparation for the specification of requirements, as well as the tasks of preparing for this.

2. Planning: planning of every detail, specification of requirements, work contract, e-log

During the specification of requirements, we coordinate each parameter of the building with our client. BERGER Házak is represented by our project manager at our clients. Effective coordination is supported by the preparation for the specification of requirements: this requires serious advance planning by both the client and BERGER Házak. Based on the ideas formulated during the specification of requirements, the experts of BERGER prepare the final technical content of the building. In the course of the specification of requirements, all the small details of the doors and windows, wall colours, light switches, shading, HVAC and aspects of the residential house are precisely determined according to the degree of completion. At the end of the process, the works contract is concluded, in which we set exact prices and deadlines. We open the e-log.

3. Preparaion: product design, construction schedule, material order

The final detailed design documentation is prepared, which contains the parameters recorded at the time of the specification of requirements. Product design, final detailed design schedule, and material ordering begin.

4. Reception level: foundation work

The basis of all construction projects is a well-designed and well-constructed foundation body. We perform above the market average during construction, but large-panel technology requires us to plan and prepare the foundation even better.

5. Production: production and delivery of elements, structural construction

Based on the product designs, the production of walls, slabs and roof structures is carried out in our factory in Polgár. Once these are completed, the panels are placed on a truck based on a loading plan, and then construction begins on site based on the schedule, commencing with the reception level. We assemble the walls, build a slab, prepare the roof structure by lathing and film covering, that is when the building reaches its shell and core stage. This only takes a few days.

6. Construction: completed exterior degree, turnkey degree

According to the degrees of completion, the roof tiles and tinning is installed on the shell and core stage building, the chimney is built, the doors and windows are installed and the external surface formation of the walls is performed (building completed from the outside). Then the electrical installation works are done, then after the building engineering, floor construction, and painting/tiling works, we install the interior doors, that is when the turnkey building is ready.

7. Closing: handover-acceptance, re-transfer of property

After all works have been completed, we will hand over the finished residential building to our client during the handover-acceptance procedure, all the occupancy documentation will be closed, and the residential house will be transferred into the client’s possession.